the skin concept

the skin concept

The skin care system with immediately visible effects - impressive simple!

The new product line “the skin concept” is a specially designed line for target oriented treatments of cosmetic problem fields. The optimal combination of modern effective ingredients and established and reliable active-complexes are based on findings of medical research and long term experience of professional cosmetic.

The skin concept contains highly concentrated formulations to initiate biophysical and biochemical processes in the skin. This is why the treatment results are so impressive.The unique product system combines intelligently composed ingredients with a simple to use care concept.

The skin concept - feel comfortable in your skin!

In 3 steps to beautiful and healthy skin

  1. Cleansing - thoroughly and gentle
  2. Active agent concentrates - formulated specifically for individual skin problems
  3. Protection and care - professional care for every skin

The skin concept contains formulations for example to fill up moisture depots, to reduce skin irritation or to counteract inflammation. Other special products are used for treatments of couperose, pigmentation, impure skin or weak connective tissue. Anti aging and eye care is always a main focus when we talk about cosmetic.

A synergetic effect is particularly created when you use the skin concept together with technologies like ultrasound, electroporation, microdermabrasion or a combination ot them (twotec®).
The results will definitely surprise you!

the skin concept
the skin concept

the skin concept - the optimal combination of modern effective ingredients and established and reliable active-complexes.

ultra mesoporator 2

ultra mesoporator - total repair is a specially developed gel for premium ultrasound treatments.

serum no. 3

serum no.3 - essential regenerator - the active agent concentrate to support skin regeneration. A real energy booster for every tired-looking or pale skin.

gel no. 8

gel no.8 - scar repair - the special gel to treat noticeable scars. Even old severe burn scars are treatable with the skin concept.