Ellipse Microlight

Ellipse - MicroLight

Small in dimensions – gigantic in performance!

Our entry model for the highly profitable market of permanent hair removal

A very good alternative to the big sister Ellipse Sirius is Ellipse MicroLight. Performing on the same level concerning effectiveness and safety, MicroLight is a perfect first step into the premium market of permanent hair removal. It is limited to one application – hair removal. But you profit from the same technology as well as the new developed plus-applicators with all the benefits. This guarantees you satisfied customers and high profitability.

Same performance and safety according to the proven principle of Ellipse!

Ellipse MicroLight not only convinces with extraordinary performance and unbeatable price, but also surprises with user-friendliness due to preinstalled treatment parameters. This combined with other features of MicroLight leads to safe, effective and profitable treatments.

Ellipse Microlight

Patient parameters are entered via touchscreen. The system calculates computer-controlled the optimal dosage of energy.

Areal rasieren

Before the treatment, the area to treat has to be shaved. Normally the customers shave themselves at home e few hours before the treatment.

lichtleitendes Gel

To ensure an optimal light transfer a special gel is applied on the skin.

gewünschte Areal behandelen

The applicator is placed on the skin with light pressure. The area is treated with a small overlapping of the footprints.