ellipse SPT

Ellipse Sirius

The big „Plus“ for your skin

Permanent hair removal, rejuvenation of sun damaged skin, removal of facial vessels and pigmentation.

Ellipse Sirius is a high tech system for treatments of unwanted hair, sun damaged skin and removal of facial thread veins. With Ellipse Sirius you are able to offer your customers long term results, not just temporary imrovements.

Clinically proven by leading doctors to be safe and effective!

The effectiveness and skin compatibility of treatments with Ellipse Sirius were proven by numerous international clinical studies. The unique Dual Mode Filter (I2PL) technology and the precise control of light intensity allow excellent treatment results being gentle to the skin. The big spot size, long life time and outrageous ergonomics of the HR-L+ -applicator makes Ellipse Sirius not only well known and well proven, but also the fastest and most cost-effective system in the market.

Permanent hair removal is a high-demand market. In Germany the desire for hair free skin is also growing. Therefore you will find devices in the market, which may represent a high health risk and achieve very poor treatment results. Offer your customers only treatments that meet the highest safety requirements wordwide!

Ellipse Sirius is certified as a medical product and is subject to the strict regulations of the ECC Medical Device Directive.

Please note: In Germany Ellipse Sirius was sold under the product name Ellipse SPT and proir to that under Epilux for a certain period of time.

Ellipse Sirius HL-R+ Applikator