Made in Germany - uses technologies whose effectiveness has been demonstrated by numerous studies.

twotec® is our completely new developed high end treatment system, that will exceed your expectations. We have succeeded in combining 2 technologies operating at the same time – simultaneously!

Our simultaneous technology leads to high synergy effects through the combination and addition of the benefits of ultrasound and high volt energy pulses. The ultrasound unit operates at different frequencies, capable of penetrating even bigger molecules of agents into deep layers of the tissue. A new transducer concept allows more efficient treatments and to treat a wider range of indications. Now it is even possible to work with 2 transducers at the same time! This makes the treatments more intense and timesaving.

The second technology is high volt current imported from the medical field. Compared to other currents, high volt pulses are smoother, applicable over implants and allow to treat more indications on a much higher level.

Our also new developed peeling transducer replaces a complete microdermabrasion unit and helps you to accomplish spectacular treatment results. The simultaneous application of multi-frequency ultrasound and high volt energy pulses combines the benefits of:

sonophoresis – electroporation – mesoporation – electrostimulation and microdermabrasion

In one treatment at the same time. Worldwide unique!

The result:

Extremely effective treatments with immediately visible results - gentle to the skin!


Treatment examples:

diffuse redness - before
diffuse redness - after
diffuse redness
impure skin - before
impure skin - after
impure skin
scars - before
scars - after
wrinkles - before
wrinkles - after
bags under the eye - before
bags under the eye - after
bags under the eye
Please note: These treatments are cosmetic treatments and not medical treatments. Under certain circumstances it may be necessary to consult a medical doctor.
Belegte Wirksamkeit

twotec® - effectiveness proven by numerous studies – Made in Germany.

Ultradermabrasions Schallkopf

The new developed peeling transducer removes gently the upper layers of the epidermis for a fresher and younger looking skin.

zwei Schallköpfe

Now it is possible to work with 2 transducers at the same time. This makes the treatment more intense and timesaving.

Face - Lift - Programme

Working in special face-lift programs with our new lifting applicators will result in a muscle stimulation in certain areas of the face. The only way to achieve a lifting effect!